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The first of our Headliner Speaker’s Series - Kiwanis Club of Forest City-London

The first of our Headliner Speaker’s Series

September 19, 2023

Our guest speaker kept us rapt! Win Wahrer threw it all at us and boy did we latch on. Using humor, tough imagery and tears, we just couldn’t let go. Win took us through the early days of Innocence Canada then turned page after page of wrongful convictions, how her team led the charge toward complete exonerations. She assured us that not everyone who contacts Innocence Canada catches a break.

But those that do understand that they have a long, long road ahead of them. She took us through the cases of Stephen Trustcott, Guy Paul Moran, David Milgaard, Erin Walsh, Romeo Phillion and others, pointing out as she spoke, about the causes of wrongful convictions. To name a few: police force tunnel vision, misconduct by prosecutors, judicial bias, misleading or circumstantial evidence and false confessions. Please check out www.wrongfulconvictionday.com or InnocenceCanada.com. They are also on FaceBook and “X” formally known as Twitter.

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