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Expanding and Learning from others in the K-Family

Expanding and Learning from others in the K-Family

September 18, 2023

Key Club is on the rise in London Ontario! A very dedicated student from one of the local high schools is determined to get a Key Club chartered at her high school or within the community by December 1st. Marina shared her desire to see an opportunity for high school students to serve in their school and local community.

The Eastern Canada CKI Governor Srishti K. shared her International Convention Recap from her trip to Minneapolis MN in June. She had the opportunity to connect with Kiwanians throughout The Eastern Canada and the Caribbean District.

Two highlights:

  1. Connecting with other Canadian Circle K Districts to potentially start a student network to recruit students going to universities/colleges in Canada with the aim to work together to create Canadian-centered service initiatives
  2. Learning more about CKI’s service initiative Brick x Brick.
    The money raised will help support UNICEF to stimulate a recycling economy in Côte d’Ivoire by and for women. The plastic waste they collect will be manufactured into bricks. These bricks will be used to build classrooms for some of the 1.6 million children – mostly girls – who are currently out of school

It is great to see the K – Family growing in London. Key Club and Circle K provide great opportunities to gain leadership skills/personal development, serve/volunteer in their local community and build comradery and long lasting friendships.

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