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Who We Are



Kiwanis is a global organization of volunteers dedicated to improving the world, one child and one community at a time. The name “Kiwanis” means “we trade,” “we come together,” or “we share our talents.” It was coined from an American native expression, Nunc Kee-wanis.

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Kiwanians are volunteers changing the world through service to children and communities. Kiwanis members help shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, mentor the disadvantaged, and care for the sick. They develop youth as leaders, build playgrounds, raise funds for pediatric research, and much more. No problem is too big or too small. Why? Because working together, members achieve what one person cannot accomplish alone. When you give a child a chance to learn, experience, dream, and succeed, great things happen! And as Kiwanians, we see it every day.

Be the reason someone smiles
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  • Over 8,300 clubs in more than 85 countries of the world.
  • More than 537,000 adult members.
  • Approximately 320,000 youth members.
  • Sponsors nearly 150,000 service projects annually.
  • Raises more than $107 million yearly.
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  • Kiwanians contributed more than $100 million toward the global elimination of iodine deficiency disorders (IDD)
  • Kiwanians are now involved in raising $110 million to eliminate maternal or neonatal tetanus
  • The Kiwanis Club of Forest City-London is a 100K Club in this effort, committed to raising $100,000. Our club exceeded its goal, raising over $130,000


Kiwanis Forest City-London, London, Ontario